Franchise Sales Outsourcing
WeFranchiseU is a franchise advising company that helps businesses expand through franchise sales. Our company handles the entire sales process to give your business the best result.

1. Strategic Sales Plan

We start by creating a growth strategy that will allow our team to work in an efficient way that aligns with your business goals.

2. Lead Generation

Our goal is to create multiple leads for your business. From creating and designing brand content to market your business in different channels, to having a personalized CRM for the brand, we work on delivering eligible candidates.

3. Lead Qualification

All potential leads go through a qualification process that include a background check and different interviews to provide you with the best candidates possible.

4. Sales

We guide qualified investors throughout the closing process, guiding them all the way to the finish line.

Franchise Matchmaking Services
Are you looking to invest in something that is yours?
Are you trying to have your own business but don’t want to do it alone?
WeFranchiseU will help you find the best brands out there that will fit your values, needs and wants!

We won’t just guide you, we will create a personalized plan that will help us
work to achieve your life and career goals!

1. Tailor Made Plan

We learn who you are, your background, story, plans, interests, wants and needs.

We then create a profile and a strategic plan.

2. Matchmaking Process

With the profile created, we start our matchmaking process by analysing the companies that best fit your profile.

3. Meet & Greet

We organize and accompany you through the meet and greet meetings, where you will be able to learn more information about the brands that fit best with your needs.

4. Sales

We will walk you through the sales process all the way to the finish line.




What are you looking for? What is
your timeline? We create a
strategic plan around your goals
to ensure efficiency.


We bring you qualified buyers
that match your requirements.


We are part of the sales process
to ensure you get the best



We create a profile that will help
our team give you the best
options that match your goals.


We deliver the best options for you and accompany you through different meetings that will help guide you to make the best decision.


We walk you through the sales
process all the way to the
finish line.
International Expansion Assistance
Thanks to our allies, WeFranchiseU can guide you to the best in the business who will help you expand your brand in International waters.
Bring Your Franchise to the U.S.A.

With the help of our allies, we can help you bring your brand to the U.S! We will guide you and connect you to different immigration, accounting, real estate and legal professionals that will ensure you a soft landing in the country!

WeFranchiseU has the best allies that can guide your business to find the next best location! Our team will work with you and our allies to ensure the best service and outcome possible!