BRANDS, more than just an intellectual property

A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s goods or service as distinct from those of other sellers.

This definition corresponds to AMA: American Marketing Association

According to this, a brand offers differentiation, distinction and will allow positioning as long as it’s elements are appropriately worked, in this sense, marketing campaigns and strategies are vital; the boldest affirm that the true value is in the capacity that a brand has to plant itself in the public’s consciousness (Ford); other people say that a brand is more than a product, that it has to be related to a buying experience (Disney) and others affirm that brands have become symbols of life statuses of societies (Tiffany & Co) defining who they are through how affordable they can be or not to the public.

To crawl, walk and run

First is to conquer the definition and a clear vision of the business – which helps to create strong brands, and then, evaluate a name and/or symbol that identifies it, alongside the perfect colors it’s all essential. It’s always recommended the advisory of marketing experts to use the graphic resources, phonetic and to find a name of easy comprehension and objective public oriented.

And then, to register the brand is a fundamental step to any company or business that plans to thrive through time and it’s the best way to protect our work, making sure that nobody can take advantage of the name or creations of it. This will allow us to be the sole holder of any monetized rights of this active, that as crazy as it looks, today it is considered to be more valuable than other tangible such as: machinery, property, etc.

The registering process of a brand is different in every country; however, the most important thing is to hold the right and legal protection of using it in an exclusive way, delimited at the same time to the geographic scope and the areas where the brand and its products will make an impact.

Once every procedure has been completed and the ownership of the brand has been given, its safer to exhibit it in many ways such as logos, facades, papers, and even social media, where they are used to give themselves to be known strategically to the public and catch attention showing off its products and/or services

In the USA, for example, the rights of a commercial brand are given to the person who has been using it uninterruptedly (and has proof of it). And even if it’s not required it’s registration, it is highly recommended to not to fall in commercial lawsuits and third-party registration. There are cases where it needs to be proven in court that the brand has, in fact, been used by its allegedly owner; those carry high costs and sometimes can be endless battles – which can be easily avoidable with an early registration. In We Franchise U, we are willing to be with you in the process of registering your brand with the best professionals.

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