Franchise Investment. (without dying while trying) A success tale and an opportunity.

Since 2009, Rally Kart founding partners have been dedicated to the world of recreation, they have developed 18 branches in Chile, building their own tracks and providing the investment opportunity to anyone who is attracted to their business model, with German Technology and Gasoline-powered karts, its proposal undoubtedly shows that it has what it takes to attract the public that seeks recreation and activities with adrenaline level characteristic of speed. On asphalt or concrete in spaces between 10,000 and 20,000 ft2, its proposal surrounds the commercial value associated with the benefits that fun and recreation produces for customers.

Experience and trajectory are very valuable factors, time will has shown that there is a fully exploited market segment, joined to the fact that business model has been able to endure and scale for years will naturally have overcome its own and global challenges with a recognizable degree of success, we must focus our attention on it.

Starting a business like this, or any other, from scratch means facing several unpredictable variables and risks, which will threaten (along with the inexperience of the entrepreneur) against the success of the project.

Investing in a Franchise can be scary, but myths associated with the unknown could disappear if we understood its terms, its structure and how it works.

As franchises are proven business models, this characteristic will allow you to conclude early how involved you should be with the business to be acquired. It is always advisable to invest in concepts in accordance with the taste and lifestyle of the family group or investors.

Investment must be in accordance with the budget for this purpose, in that sense, there is something for all tastes, an interesting fact is that this factor is not necessarily related to the profitability of the business.

Proper research investing in a franchise can be a more than wise move; early advice that helps you connect the options, and your interests is vital to achieve your goals, at We Franchise we have investment alternatives that adapt to different tastes and budgets. Rally Kart founders have witnessed their own success story and their expansion is now an investment and business development opportunity to explore both, in Florida and Latin America. We will schedule an interview to offer you all the information you need, for you to make the best decision.

Carmen T. Méndez

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