Franchises to Invest. The World of Franchises, from A to Z.

Franchises are systems characterized by a commercial relationship in which the development of one or
more brands is agreed, under certain rules and regulations, to obtain benefits related to: teamwork,
expansion, experience, risk reduction, support, among others, the primary goal of a franchise is to set a
win-win relationship between the parts.

How a Franchise Works.
Belonging to a franchise is to be part of a community in which being inexperienced is not a
, on the contrary, it is probably the common factor among the newest applicants or
business partners.

Anyone interested in a franchise would be declaring that they are unaware of the business to which they
aspire to belong, and for the franchisor that is not a problem, since part of their job is to start the
training process for their new partners (also called franchisees) so that, over a period, they become true
experts in handling the products or services they offer. Yes… there are product and service franchises.

Among the most common characteristics of franchises are that their products are standardized, so that
any of the points of sale will offer drinks prepared with the same procedure and ingredients, which will
give them a particular flavor, in seasonal cups; even their employees usually wear outfits that define
them as part of some kind of club, or with a lot of similarity in their appearance.
Franchises develop procedures, manuals and patterns that help them to do that, to standardize their
results. That certainty of finding the same product in any of the stores is what makes the customer
(supported by a fantastic previous experience) come back for more.
The Franchisor must develop these methods, must constantly provide its experience (and that of the
group of franchisees) for the benefit of all. How they can do it: communication is key.

The tools it has are diverse: Manuals, updating of procedures, continuous retraining, convention of
franchisees, courses, among others; however, a close relationship with their franchisees will allow a very
valuable element: feedback, if the information is fluid and in two directions, the benefits are enhanced,
that is the secret: teamwork and feedback.

If you feel that teamwork and communication are values ​​present in your work style, probably exploring
the investment alternatives in a Franchise is a good option, in We Franchise the options are diverse and
surely the most difficult thing will be to choose which one.

Carmen T. Méndez.

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