Low Investment Franchises. Mango King. A modern business model and a Millennial Product that combine perfectly.

Finding an attractive proposal from the edge of profitability, with an investment that does not compromise a significant portion of your finances, or the family group may sound impossible, but, the alternatives exist, the world of franchises contains valuable treasures

It is necessary to evaluate Profitability or expected income, initial costs, trajectory and experience, but what a proposal that also has several irresistible advantages if you think -like the rest of the world- that the Fast Good (fast and healthy food) is here to stay.

Mango King. Low Investment Franchise.

Four locations between Miami and Orlando provide the opportunity to try their products, all based on this wonderful ancient fruit: Mango, and depending on the time of year, we could be consuming this fruit from:

  • India, which grows almost 40% of the world’s production.
  • Peru.
  • West Africa.
  • Egypt.
  • Brazil, which contributes its harvests by the end of each year (November and December).

As if the appetizing freshness of this juicy delicacy, Mango King, brings even more exotic combinations – like passion fruit, coconut, chamoy, tahini, lemon, condensed milk and in presentations such as pieces, flakes, mangonada, or my favorite: the bandages… I just wish you were reading this at a time when any of its locations are open, so that you do not stay with the desire to try it, we know that it is totally irresistible.

After reading this, we have been captivated by their product, it happens to every customer who comes back for more… Perhaps it is better that we show you how this low-investment franchise works and how these young entrepreneurs have designed a replicable, scalable, and easy-to-operate model.

If you find the healthy food stream attractive, both as a moderate investment and want to be part of a team passionate about results, but also about the process itself, this is your place, and we at We Franchise are very proud to be able to connect you to the best of Florida to invest, that’s Mango King.

Carmen T. Méndez.

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