Franchises in USA. From scratch. Hair Cleaner’s. Never say never.

Franchises in the USA are a huge business, generate incredible amounts of money and have accompanied the American dream since its creation. It can certainly be a lucrative and very convenient decision because a business model like this has already passed the initial tests of a solo investment. In franchises the product has a track record, the service has been approved by the customer and the brand enjoys recognition and acceptance. They are scalable and replicable businesses; in a franchise everything is always being measured.

Generally, people who are interested in Franchising are those who are attracted to turning their business into one, or perhaps find some franchise to invest. Integrating a franchise means belonging to a community of people to work as a team. The goal will always be a mutually beneficial relationship, the advantages are multiple, maybe they are as many as the challenges, but one of the most interesting features is that in a system like this, belonging, being part, integrating a community comes first. All its members will seek the achievement of the same objectives, and of course growth means common benefits.

The formula to create a franchise from scratch varies with each experience, but when we look closely at innovative and successful business models we find common factors in its founders, join me to know Hair Cleaner’s, since its inception … or even earlier.

According to Wikipedia, an entrepreneur is a person who identifies an opportunity and knowing the risks, organizes the necessary resources to become a creator or founder of a company or business. This definition is perfectly suited to Juan Sobrino y Luis Sánchez, who have now become entrepreneurs of innovation, because (following the same line of concepts) they have developed a Franchise in the USA, with a business model as interesting as it is profitable.

Juan emigrates from Spain with a trajectory of training and professional work of more than 20 years, his first project in Miami was a restaurant, however, a setback led him to discover personal care and the search for well-being with natural products, without the use of toxins or chemicals to treat the client.

Luis Sánchez, on the other hand, came from Cuba, following his dream of becoming a health professional.  He learned in his formative years and practices the courage and the way to achieve it.  For Luis, the client is a priority, achieving their satisfaction is a personalized objective, connection with their needs, a respectful treatment and the appropriate advice are very important elements for the generation of well-being.

Yes! They are present in their businesses and part of the model of this franchise is precisely that, a present and participatory Franchisee.

Life experiences and formation, the trajectory of each one and the path that has brought them to where they are today is a good way to realize that it has not been easy, but they proudly claim that starting from scratch is extremely exciting if you add heart and passion into whatever you do. Risks come with opportunities, facing them with determination and responsibility is the formula they have used and that they share among their values, as well as respect, professionalism, charisma, and the vision of the customer as the center of the business.

For us at We Franchise U they’re an inspiration to know so closely the history of our clients, with the pride of those who feel it our own we share it with you because all that effort today materializes in a very interesting investment proposal that can be the answer to many of your expectations. Our worktables offer you great opportunities, and we are very excited to connect you with Luis and Juan, who are proof that everything can be achieved with passion and love for what they do.

Carmen T. Méndez.

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